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Oral hygiene

Oral sugery

Periodontal surgery, plastic-aesthetic
gum surgery, implantology,
general oral surgery such as
surgical tooth removal ...


From single-tooth implant to
total reconstruction

Oral hygiene
for kids

Fillings, Fissure sealants,...

Restorative Dentistry

Periodontal treatment,
root canal treatment,
crowns & bridges, ...

Aesthetic dentistry

Veneers, bleaching,...

State of the art

Dental practice Vienna Hietzing for:

Periodontology with prophylaxis, dental implantology, reconstructive dental medicine (crown & bridge techniques) and aesthetic dental medicine.

Concepts and philosophy of our private dental practice:

The practice is specifically focused on patient oriented therapeutic concepts.
Taken into consideration is therefore that therapy is time consuming.

  • modern equipment according to scientific standards
  • interdisciplinary dental and medical diagnostic
  • controlled practice hygiene
  • use of biocompatible high quality dental materials
  • patient oriented dental care


Since 2015 Dr. Thomas Hartmann cares for his patients in the private practice in Vienna-Hietzing, founded by Dr. Christian Zinn-Zinnenburg in 1982.

Following the general trends toward a better quality of life, health and also aesthetic, modern dentistry is challenged with putting people´s wishes and needs at the center of a comprehensive treatment.

The rapid development of medical science requires an ever growing spectrum of knowledge from the treating physician and a central criterion of modern dental work is a specialized overall interdisciplinary communication among the different treating physicians.

In order to produce the proverbial “healthy smile” as an expression of a life-affirming, positive attitude toward one´s own health, it´s necessary for the dentist to be competent, knowledgeable and also have a life philosophy which includes an adequate amount of humanity.


Our practice is checked by the Institute for Hygiene and already now fulfills the requirements that the EU will require in their coming Practice Hygiene Directive!
This begins with documented training and checking of personnel (dental assistants and cleaning personnel), includes the latest level of disinfection and sterilization and ends with correctly organized treatment procedures (tray-system, hand disinfection, gloves…).

The latest level of practice hygiene is met with all of our disinfecting and sterilizing equipment.



Loupes / Microscope

Oral hygiene and prophylaxis


Dental implamants and bone augmentation

Oral surgery and tissue regeneration

Plastic - Aesthetic gum surgery

Ceramic crown - bridge technique

Filling and tooth reconstruction techniques


Focal therapy

Root canal treatment

Aesthetic dentistry

Periodontitis Treatment





Dr. med. dent. Thomas Hartmann

Dr. med. dent. Thomas Hartmann

Dr. Thomas Hartmann, born 1975

Education and training:

Dentist (MedUniWien), dental product manager, dental technician, postgraduate clinical implantology training

From the age of 14 onwards I dedicatet my professional energy and passion to teeth. As a dentist, my main interest is in periodontology and oral surgery - here in particular implantology. As a skilled dental technician, I'm dedicated to high-end prosthodontics - from conventional removable prosthesis to comprehensive implant prosthesis. Any dental work, whether a single anterior crown in the aesthetic area or a total restoration is implemented by my dental technician and me with meticulousness. Numerous attended courses (in Australia, India, Germany, ...), continuing education, membership in professional societies and the attendance of congresses and trade fairs enable me to keep my interest in all fields of dentistry at a high level.



Dentist, Dental Technician

Dr. med. dent. Thomas Hartmann


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