Immediate replacement

After the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth the supporting tissues like bone and gums begin to diminish rapidly. In the first 3 months the biggest soft and hard tissue reorganization takes place – therefore the longer implant placement is postponed the more tissue gets lost. That's why it is normally best to replace teeth that need to be extracted immediately or after 4 to 6 weeks with dental implants when no socket preservation (see bone grafting) is done.
Since the first introduction of implants into dentistry, technology (implant thread design and surface texture) and our understanding behind implant osseointegration has changed dramatically. Given good bone conditions - modern implants, in many cases, can be loaded immediately (to place a crown on the implant) following implant placement.

This means teeth straight away after implant placement or also known as teeth in a day.

In most immediate dental implant cases an immediate tooth replacement by a temporary crown can be achieved.

Of course, careful evaluation of bone quality and quantity must be done in every single case, but immediate placement and restoration with a crown is done nowadays much more often than in the past.

Advantages of immediate replacement:

  • realisation of your desire to fill gaps as soon as possible
  • usually better gum management around dental implants
  • only one surgical appointment
  • often a less invasive surgery, which allows for quicker healing