All on 4 Implants Concept

The All on 4 dental implant treatment is a revolutionary cost-effective technique that enables us to replace all your teeth with just 4 implants.
It has been developed for patients who lack sufficient bone volume and are not willing to undergo a cost and time consuming bone grafting procedure prior to implant placement.
The All on 4 makes maximum use of your bone in the anterior jaw and by tilting the two posterior implants at a 45° angle an immediate function prosthesis can be provided on the same day – also known as 'teeth in one day'.

Who benefits most from All on 4

  • Patients who have loose fitting full or partial dentures, due to severe lack of bone, will get back a quality of life like with a full set of natural teeth - for most patients an overwhelming, positive experience.
  • Patients with severe periodontitis affected teeth
  • Patients with only a few badly infected/decayed teeth left

What means 'Teeth in a day':

The All on 4 immediate function technique can be done in one day:

  • remaining teeth can be extracted before implant placement (all in one surgery)
  • fixed (non removable) acrylic provisional denture is provided on the day of the surgery

The all on 4 bridge/denture replaces not only your teeth (like in a fixed implant bridge in patients with an abundant bone situation) but also your missing jaw bone and gums (the pink part of the bridge).

If indicated a guided surgery can be done

The provisonal acrylic bridge of the surgery day should be replaced after a healing in time (osseointegration of your implants) of about 3 - 6 months by a definitve long term all-on-4 bridge solution. The better the material of the reconstructive solution - the better can be created a look and feel like sensation like with natural teeth – starting from a metal reinforced high impact acrylic bridge, to solutions involving titanium and zirconium hybrid bridges.

All on 6 dental implants: the same as all on 4 but with one additonal implant in the pterygoid region of the upper jaw.