EuroPerio10 Copenhagen June 15 - 18 2022

the world’s leading congress in periodontology and implant dentistry

March 2020 EFP Perio Master Clinic Dublin

Hard- and soft-tissue aesthetic reconstructions around teeth and dental implants
Current and future challenges

November 2019 ÖGI Kongress

Conference of the Austrian Society of Implantology
with a session of the Austrian Society of Periodontolgy

August 2019 NYU Dental XP Digital Summit

Discussion of the current status of digtal dental techniques between the two analogs, the patient and the dental restoration.

April 2019 Osteology Symposium Barcelona

3 days to get to know the newest scientific & clinical developments

in oral tissue regeneration (periodontal, hard & soft tissue regeneration)

EAO Congress October 2018 Vienna

The scientific committees of the EAO have prepared an exciting programme
covering various stages of dental treatment over the three-day congress. DAY 1: Diagnostics DAY 2: Surgical treatment DAY 3: Prosthetics and follow-up This exciting programme has covered several topics which focused on:
“Dreams and reality in implant dentistry”.

ÖGI Jahrestagung November 2017

2-day annual conference of the Austrian Society of Implantology in Graz

One of the most important new acquisitions in 2017

Choukroun A-PRF™ and i-PRF™ a new generation of natural regeneration

The matrix obtained by the method PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) from your own blood contains in addition to the proteins especially many white blood cells,
where important information about the tissue structure is stored (growth factors) - a decisive advantage in the healing process of the tissue to be regenerated.

Indications :
Sinuslift, implants, bone grafting,healing promotion,periodontology,extractions

August 2017 W&H Lisa

Hygiene is important to us

Reinforcement for our sterilizers

Class B steam sterilizer - a quality product made in Austria

March 2017 @ IDS Cologne

2 very long trade fair days - looking for new techniques and trends in Cologne.